Well hello there!

We are back from Disney World – and it was a wonderful whirlwind of fun. We watched Piper’s dreams come true – and my husband and I couldn’t be happier!

I did not post anything, at all, while we were gone. I thought I’d at least do one photo a day or something – but found myself in my usual conundrum about social media.

I like social media. I mean, it’s probable that you’re reading this email because you, at one time, saw my youTube videos and then decided to subscribe to my emails! I get to connect with people around the globe that I otherwise may not have ever had the chance to meet – all because of social media.

But also – the use of social media takes me out of the present moment in a big, bad way. One of the things I’m passionate about in doing music and movement with children is to creating opportunities for human connection and joyful experiences for kids and families. Being together, undistracted, and enjoying each other is what life is about – right? And yet, if I jump online to post a photo I inevitably get sucked into the online world, and am suddenly totally absent from kid’s experience, even when I’m sitting right next to her.

So, while in Disney World, I just wanted to be there. Be there, enjoying the moment and witnessing Piper’s thrill in meeting Princesses and going on rides. So – I didn’t post at all, And although I was “out of touch” for a week – I got to savor and enjoy every moment I was there. : )

And now – I’m back! Typically in March, I find myself  doing a whole unit on transportation. Lol! Yes, Spring arrives in a few days, but it doesn’t begin to feel like Spring for a while…. and St. Patty’s day has come and gone. So, I feel like working on transportation and concepts like stop and go, and fast and slow is a great way to spend March.

And so – I’ve got a new video for you today in line with my theme!

This old song is called “Train is A-Coming.” It’s fun for marching around the room solo or making a train, hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you, and moving around the room together. Or you may want to pick up some rhythm sticks or shakers and use those with the song. There’s a time when we slow down and a time when we speed up – so it’s lots of fun and helps the little ones practice body control and is an introduction to the idea of tempo.

Once learned, this also makes for a great transition song.The classroom next to mine used to sing it as they went from the classroom to the gym and back again – keeping everyone in line like a train.

Likewise, its’ an easy song to learn and modify. You can sing nearly anything to it. Like,change it from “Train is A-Coming, oh yeah” to “time to wash our hands, oh yeah”, or however you want to work it into your day and routines.

Enjoy! And please share with anyone you know who may find this song and video useful!

Enjoy your week and see you in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina


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