Hiya friends!

I have a brand new video for you today!

I’ve definitely got more musings about parenting, personal development and all the fun we’ve been having this summer to share with you – but I”m going to save that for another week. Today, I’m gonna jump in an share this weeks video and all it’s benefits.

I know some of you have headed back to school already. Up where we are we still have about a month until school starts.( In fact, I’ve still got one more beach trip ahead of me that I’m looking very forward too!) This week’s song and video is good whether you’re still in summer camp mode or back to school. For kids, it’s just plain fun! A song about frogs eating bugs and jumping into pools – what’s better?!

But it’s much more than that! It’s chock full of learning for out little ones. First off, this is a “finger play” which means we use our fingers and hands for this song. Fingerplays work on developing our fine motor skills which help this muscles that eventually help us to write and draw, use a fork and spoon, etc.

Additionally, it’s a song with rhythm and rhyme – which helps with our speech development. Rhythmic patterns and repeating rhymes help the little ones with practicing those skills over and over again, and help them to memorize and learn songs.

Last but certainly not least – there’s early math skills going on! Not only are we counting, but we are counting backwards learning about subtraction. We start with five frogs. Each time one jumps into the pool, we take away one frog and are left with a new (and lesser) number of frogs on the log.

So much learning and development going on while having fun. That’s the best way to learn for sure!



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Wishing you a wonderful week!


Miss Nina

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