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Today I’ve got TWO fun things for you. First: a new video for the song A-Hunting We Will Go. This simple song is to the tune of The Farmer & The Dell and works on rhyming. I take some time at the beginning of the video to explain what rhyming is, and then I leave some space in during the song to see if children may be able to guess the rhyming words.  

We know that children learn best through play. Well, rhythm and rhyme play a large role in the development of early literacy skills because they help with speaking and listening – which need to come before reading and writing. Add in the playfulness of song and you have a great opportunity for kids to develop listening skills while also developing the ability to distinguish between rhymes like bat/cat and pan/van. This listening ability must be developed first to help children later in distinguish sight words and their different sounds. So press play for some fun and to help develop those early literacy skills! 

And then the second thing I have for you: my somewhat impromptu Facebook Live I did last week. It was a bit of a mid-week, last minute decision!. In case you missed it, I’m posting the replay below. It’s 30 minutes of sing-along fun to get little ones moving & grooving & learning!  (Be sure and keep up with me on Instagram and/or Facebook for my latest and updates and, um, last minute decisions – LOL!)

Miss Nina Sing-Along for Kids –

Miss Nina Sing Along!

Posted by Miss Nina on Friday, September 14, 2018

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Enjoy this week’s videos and I wish you a fantastic week! 


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