Happy Tuesday!

This week I’ve got a new video for you of a song I’ve been doing often in my preschool and Grown-Up-And-Me classes, as well as at recent preschool and library shows. It’s called: Together & Apart.

It’s seriously one of my favorite things to do with kids these days!!!

I came across Rock’N’Rainbow’s song “Hands Together, Hands Apart” on YouTube a while back while looking for a together/apart activity. I took the premise of their song, but put it to a seriously cool hip-hop beat that everyone – and I mean young and old alike – LOVE. (I honestly cannot get enough of this beat!)

And I find this a great activity to do if the kids have been sitting for a long time or any time you need to shake up the energy and get everyone moving a little. The end of the song, if you jump your feet together and apart, really gets the cardio working – so it’s definitely great for physical fitness (and a wonderful way to learn how to do jumping jacks!)

It’s easy to move along with me. We’re simply first bring our hands together and apart, then our feet together and apart then “both” (hands and feet at the same time) together and apart. And of course, when I say “everybody dance” you just do your own dance and have fun!

As you probably already know, I LOVE to dance! So I would love love love to hear how the child/ren in your life enjoy this one. Please leave a comment below and let me know – or come on over to my facebook page or instagram to comment and let me know if they’ve been dancing along

Enjoy your week and remember to keep on singing and dancing!!!

See you next Tuesday…


Miss Nina


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