It’s nearly here – Valentine’s Day!

I’m sure you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of life right now. Valentine’s Day fall’s right in the middle of the week – which can mean a nice welcome break (romance anyone?!) or a pain-in-the-tush (how many Valentine’s cards and treats must I prepare for my daughter’s preschool class?!?!).

Well, this week’s video might seem like it’s for the kids- but it’s a little gift for you.

One of the things I’ve been passionate about since starting the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show is providing , quality media for kids that’s interactive – with a Human Being! I could go on and on listing the studies and research that explains and proves how important the simple of act of talking directly to children is.

And I also know – it can’t always be you! As parents, as grandparents, as caregivers and even as teachers we have so much to juggle while caring for our little ones, that it’s hard to make time to actually PLAY with them.

And then we feel guilty.

So today, my Valentine’s Day gift is this 25+ minute non-stop video to alleviate your guilt. I know its just 25 minutes – but you can perhaps take a moment for yourself: phone a friend, put your feet up, close your eyes, do some dishes uninterrupted – and you can rest easy knowing that I they are in good hands. I’ve got them engaged, singing and moving along to 9 different kids songs about love today:

This is kind of funny to watch – these videos span the whole life of the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show so far. The video quality ranges as does my various states of pregnancy – pre, post, and some when I’m VERY PREGNANT – Lol!

Here’s the full list of what I have for you:

1. Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton
2. You Are My Sunshine with Eliana
3. Colors of You (by Miss Nina/Nina Stone)
4. You Have My Heart (by and with Amelia Robinson/Mil’s Trills
5. Skinnamarink
6. Have A Heart
7. Tony Chestnut
8. You Are My Sunshine
9. Love The Music (by and with Amelia Robinson/Mil’s Trills)
And this coming weekend and week I’ll be performing in New Jersey and Delaware: so check out my calendar page to get the details! 
Miss Nina