Hello & Happy Tuesday!

So OMG. You may have seen my post last week on Instagram toward the end of the week about this…. but you know how excited I was at the beginning of the week. I had Piper’s Parent-Teacher conferences, 100th day of school celebration of which I was volunteering, Valentine’s Day fun, and we debuted the new video with my new friend, Jamaica Stevens of JAMaROO (if you missed it you can find that blog post here:  http://mymissnina.com/if-youre-happy-you-know-it-move-along-with-miss-nina-jamaroo-kids/  )

WELL – Piper had the flu and it just never ended. And just when I thought she was finally well enough to get back to school, school was cancelled due to extreme cold. And that was on the 100th Day of School!! Piper was out of school for SIX DAYS! And then….Mister Nina caught the flu, too. So it was one heck of a week and it did not go according to plan AT ALL. LOL!

But such is Life. And although it can be disappointing, we accept and we adjust and we move on!

Likewise, I’d had some other plans for this week’s video something Wintery and February related – and then, I decided to do something different. [Shrug!}

For a long time now, people in the world of YouTube and video strategy have noted that my most popular video is I’m Brining Home A Baby Bumble Bee and they say things to me like “It looks like your fans like bees. Maybe you should try to do lots of Bee songs.” Lol! Or they say “Maybe bring the Bee character back and have it join you in your other videos.” Huh?

So, although these people clearly do not reallly understand kids and kids songs – I see what they’ve been getting at. If the kiddos love the song and tune of I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee, then why not try it with another insect or animal? So voila! This week I gave it a whirl with I‘m Bringing Home A Baby BUNNY.  We do that version twice and then we ALSO DO THE BUMBLE BEE VERSION.  🙂

In this video our bunny hops and we catch it to bring it home. Then we feed it, we rock it to sleep…and we wake it up! 🙂 Ready to move and sing along with me? Press Play:

I’d love to know how your little ones like it! Would you leave me a comment and let me know?

And of course, please feel free to SHARE SHARE SHARE this video with everyone and anyone you think might enjoy it. Here’s the link to use: https://youtu.be/RNtJy-yze6c

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And that’s the news for this week! I’ve got some fun shows here in MN coming up in March so keep your eyes on my calendar page for those details coming soon…..

Wishing you a wonderful week!


Miss Nina

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