We’re here!!

We arrived safe and sound in Minnesota on Sunday night after a three day road trip. Piper was a trouper! So was our dog, Biscuit. We are very impressed with both of them.

As I mentioned last week, as we are in the midst of such a large transition (we are in our home, our furniture however, is not….yet….), I’m delivering a few video repeats to you for a few weeks. But there’s definitely a lot of fun new videos and other cool things on the horizon for the Fall….so definitely stay tuned!

For now, I’ve got a classic “camp song” as we wind down summer – as well as a Miss Nina Weekly Video Show favorite: The Green Grass Grows All Around by Woody Guthrie. And I am joined in this video by Joanie Leeds! While performing at the Wildwood Crest Library in NJ this summer, Joanie was in attendance with her daughter. We also had a fan of the video show in the audience who LOVED this video. So, at the end of my performance I invited Joanie up and we performed this song live! It was SO much fun!

If you’re not familiar with this song, it’s SO GREAT for kids! It’s easy to sing, has motions to move-along with, and is a memory song s that with each new verse you have to remember what was song in the last verse and add on to it. It can get pretty silly….which is the best part! So click the photo above to have some fun with us!

Enjoy! I’ll be back in your inbox next Tuesday – until then have a wonderful week!


Miss Nina


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