Last week I mentioned that I was heading into the YouTubes Space in NYC to shoot some videos. It was a fantastic day and I shot a whole slew of new videos with my fellow friends and Kids Music Artists!  I can hardly wait to share all the fun with you!

So, on Saturday, Piper (my daughter – 4.5 years old) was up in her room, listening to Suzi Shelton‘s CD, and when she came down I said to her, “You know what? I just made a new video with Suzi Shelton of one of her new songs! Wanna see it?”

And Piper said “Oh my gosh, yes! And maybe that means she’ll have out a new CD soon!”

Well, yes indeed it does!!!

I had the great pleasure and honor of shooting a video of Suzi’s new original song “Blue Fin” – a song that will be on her new CD that she’s recording RIGHT NOW! In fact, she’s at the tail end of a Kickstarter Campaign for that new album. And at the time I am writing this, she’s just $900 from reaching her goal!!

So, enjoy the video – and then if you wanna help her get the CD finished – and even snag one of these limited edition blue fin hats – CLICK HERE to jump on over to her kickstarter campaign!