How are you?
Things are starting to open up again, but I know it will still be a while before things feel near to “normal” again.

The world feels simultaneously enormous and small to me right now.

When we moved to Minnesota, although we were going to be living further from our families than ever before, we felt it was doable because everyone was “just a plane ride away.” But now – it’ll be a while before I take that plane ride, and my family feels very far away….

But also, thanks to the power of the internet and Zoom, I have managed to be on a World Tour without leaving Minnesota!

Last weekend I was “in” New Zealand providing music and movement for a sweet two-year-old’s birthday celebration, and last Tuesday I got to drop into a preschool class  online in Queens, NY! Every Wednesday and Friday I get to hang out with friends in Ireland (and all around the USA) in my Tunes & Tales class, and this passed Sunday I had a Scavenger Hunt with my family in Delaware & Maryland (via Zoom! It was hilarious!). On Thursday I’ll be dropping by a preschool class in North Carolina for a “Miss Nina Zoom Takeover!”

(If you’re interested in having Miss Nina drop-in to your preschool Zoom for music and movement, email me to chat about it!)

Pretty awesome when you stop and think about it, right?! Like – INCREDIBLE!

 I was chuckling to myself the other day thinking that if we *had* to have a a pandemic in my lifetime, better now than, like, in the late 90s. Could you have imagine if we had to do all this via 90s dial-up internet, in a facebook-less world? LOL!

Being all around the world while being at home had me thinking about the re-write of my Hello Song I did for the Met’s World Culture Festival in NYC that I played in the Fall of 2019. I changed my usual “Hello Hello” song to include many more languages (17 more to be exact!) and have even recently been singing this one during my Facebook/youTube lives (that’s TODAY! See you at 3:30 Central on my FB or YouTube pages!)

So – I thought it would be fun to do that one on the video show this week!


We sing, we dance, we wave and we say hello in 18 Languages in total: English, Chinese, Spanish,Vietnamese, French, Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Russian, Navajo, Tagalog, Hindu, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean and Swahili!
The video is up now for you to start your day with! And feel free to share it with friends, students, teachers, librarians – anyone who you think might enjoy it. You can forward this email or copy and paste this link to share:
And yes! It’s Tuesday – so you can join me LIVE at 4:30 Eastern / 3:30 Central today directly on my Facebook Page at or on Youtube at  – 4:30 Eastern / 3:30 Central / 1:30 Pacific
Looking forward to seeing you there!
And I hope you enjoy this week’s video singing Hello in 18 Languages – and dancing! – with me and Piper!
Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday (if not before! )
Miss Nina
PS: If you enjoy exploring children’s books with music and movement, we’d love you to join us in Tunes & Tales! Stories, art, music and movement through a private Zoom class – we’re having a BLAST and hope you can join us! You can get the details here:

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