Hi there!

So……you may have noticed that I was very busy in March & April –

We had a new website launch, the phenomenal Make-A-Wish experience, new videos, live craft & sing-alongs, and that Online Preschool Launch. Wow!

So – I promised someone in my life that I would take a wee little one-month break from creating anything new, so that I can rest and simply enjoy myself a little bit. 🙂

That’s why for the last two weeks I’ve sent you some “blast from the past” Miss Nina videos.

And keeping my promise to my friend, I’m at it again this week. Today I’m sharing what is one of my most popular videos, and a song that has been in heavy rotation on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live (you can still request it!):

The Brown Bear Rap

This is a song that grew right out of my preschool classroom when I taught that 2-hour Grown-Up-and-Me Preschool Readiness class in Manhattan. I read this book at least twice a day, and after a while I just heard a rhythm to it and found a way to make it participatory song/experience through dance and, of course, making animal sounds!

And aside from just being a fun song – it works on all those pre-reading/early-literacy skills for your little one!

This song made it onto my second album Sha Doo Be Doop (2013), and although it’s currently out of stock, you can always download the mp3 from iTunes, Amazon or just about any online outlet!

This song is definitely a fan favorite and makes it into every single Miss Nina live Rap, Rock & Read show! If you’d like more info about those: CLICK HERE.

Enjoy the video and be sure and check out the calendar page to see when I’ll be in your area!

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Tuesday!


Miss Nina