Happy Tuesday & Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is really in full swing, huh? This past weekend I performed at two events and attended three others!! We were BUSY – but it was so much fun. AND at the school where I teach we’re already in the midst of our holiday parties!!

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, and so this week I have a special new video for you with my friend, Joanie of Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights (www.JoanieLeeds.com). You may remember her from our “Green Grass Grows All Around” video from a few years back.

In today’s video – which we shot at the YouTube Space in NYC –  is an original song of Joanie’s called “Spinning” from her album Meshugana. It’s a fun song about spinning around like a dreidel (a top-like toy children play with during Chanukah). Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I’m sure your child/ren will enjoy spinning around and around with us!

Enjoy this video – and please share it! Whether on social media or among your friends via email, I would so love and appreciate if you can help me to spread joy and love to little ones through music and movement.

Have a wonderful week – and stay tuned because not only are there  more guests and more fun videos to come – but the Winter Session of Online Playschool will be starting again soon… Details to come!