Happy Tuesday!

At the moment you are reading this, we have probably just surprised Piper with the news that WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!


As I may have already told you, Piper’s birthday was last week. She is now 6. I am mom to a six year old. I can hardly believe it. And ever since I started seeing her sing-along to Frozen and wear her Elsa costume as often as possible, I started dreaming of being able to take her to Disney World someday. And preferably when she still let her imagination run wild and enjoyed all things princess and magic and make believe.

To be honest, though, it had looked like it wasn’t really going to happen. For a while anyway.

And then a few things happened, and some things fell magically into place – and with the help of Bridget Agan, Fairy Godmother of Travel at Fairy Tale Concierge we have a fun and magical trip all planned (very last minute!) and we are leaving TODAY!!

I am so incredibly excited!!! I can hardly contain myself. Both for Piper’s experience – and to get away from the snow and into some warm weather!

So, although it’s not yet Spring on the calendar, we are getting there! And I think I’m going to start celebrating it now with this video – Sunshine, Blue Skies:

This is one of my favorite songs from Every Day’s Your Birthday. It’s got a slow build, but by the end, the La la las and the ba ba bas are coming at ya with so much happiness and uplift I feel like my band captured sunshine right in the song. So definitely try and listen to the whole thing! And the video is chock full of kids playing (including Piper!).

Enjoy! I’m looking forward to sharing our Disney Experience with you in next week’s blog post and email!

Until then – have a great week and I’ll see you next Tuesday in your inbox!


Miss Nina


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