Hello friends – Happy Tuesday!

We woke up to a little more snow yesterday morning – and that’s just the way it’s gonna be here in Minnesota for a little while!

I miss the Caribbean, and I can barely wait until Spring. But, you know what they say, the key to happiness is Acceptance & “being where your feet are”. So, we may as well celebrate Winter, right?!

Today’s video is the second of 52 I plan to create this year! 

It’s a song I’ve done before…but I’m having some fun with my new background and my new found editing techniques. So this week let’s have some winter fun with the Snow-key Pokey!

What’s that? Yes, yes – it IS typically called the Hokey Pokey. But this is the winter version. We get all dressed up (or pretend to dress up) in our winter clothes and then have fun this way:

“you put your snow boot in, you put your snow boot out…..” etc.

So get all your gear on – or take a few moments having some fun with pantomime and pretend to get all dressed up for winter. I use *magic* to get dressed in it! You’ve got to let me know what you think of that and the whole video when you get a chance!

I would LOVE to know you and your kiddos thoughts on this video! (My thoughts? WHY does my hat fall off so much??!! LOL!)  Let me know in the comments your favorite part.  🙂

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Wishing you a WONDERFUL week ahead!! “See” you next Tuesday!


Miss Nina

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