Happy Tuesday!

So happy to see you! And while you’re here, be sure and pop over to the home page and have a look around. I made a few changes. Let me know what you think! 

I’m sharing another “blast from the past” this week. This video of the “Wheels On The Bus” is where my silly version was born – that very version that you can hear on my lastest album Every Day’s Your Birthday! (You can purchase the mp4 on iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby).

You get two versions of me in this video – one playing guitar, and another in the pop-up box doing the motions. Now, I know that the grown-ups may have heard enough of this song for one lifetime – lol! – but the kids love it. And this video will keep them engaged for about 6+ minutes.

If you’re in the Brooklyn area – this weekend come on out and see me at the new Greenlight Bookstore location in Prospect Lefferts Gardens! I’ll be dong an sing-along as part of the PLG Arts Music Festival! Details HERE.

*And Children’s Librarians, Preschool administrators and Teachers: Did you know you can book Miss Nina for her signature Rap, Rock & Read show?  Get the details HERE.  It’s a great show – but don’t take my word for it – here’s what Julia M., a preschool and special ed teacher at Millburn Integrated Preschool has to say:

Miss Nina is beyond unique and different from any music program I have experienced as a teacher, and I believe my students have experienced. Every concert is memorable and extremely educational. I’ve never seen my students react so positively to a guest than they do with Miss Nina. They interact, regard their peers, and remember a lot of the favorite songs. You bring life to stories, events, holidays, and more! Even the teachers are always excited about the songs and are dancing. We love your excitement and enthusiasm, how you dress (love the dresses with the chucks!), and the different genres of music, it’s a nice change up!   – Julia M., Teacher. Millburn Integrated Preschool


Wishing you all a wonderful week & I’ll “see” you next Tuesday!


Miss Nina