Good Morning, Friends!

I hope all is well with you. We are settling into our apartment in Minnesota (we’re renting while we take our time looking for a forever home to buy) and this is my reality right now:

Unpacking and unpacking and unpacking! Our first week here has been pretty great so far as we’ve settled in and gotten to know our area. The biggest issue of the past week –  finding Piper a spot in Kindergarten – has been accomplished. Woohoo!

So – as I mentioned in my last few emails – I’ve got another “rerun” for you this week. By next week I should have something brand new for you! And I’ll get a Facebook Live scheduled for us all soon – too.

I wasn’t sure what Oldie-but-goodie to send you this week, so I asked Piper. And with much authority she proclaimed that “The Wheels On The Bus” should be this week’s video. So – I listen to the boss!

This video was created in the first 6 months of the Miss Nina Weekly Video Show. And ever since I’ve been doing this version (or almost this version) live – with soldiers, a dance party and spaghetti on the bus, among the usuals. It’s been such a hit amongst my little friends and fans that we but this version on my album “Every Day’s Your Birthday”. (You can find that album under the artist name Miss Nina & The Jumping Jacks on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify – you name it!

So – let’s go for an epic bus ride together today! This video is nearly 5 minutes long – so should keep your little one engaged and moving around long enough for you to make a phone call or sip your cup of coffee. 🙂

Enjoy! And I’ll see you again very soon…


Miss Nina

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