Happy Tuesday, friends!

Are we still enjoying all things October? I am! Piper’s about to go to an Apple Orchard on her school field trip today, and last night we made pumpkin muffins. :). And in less than two weeks I’ll be in NYC for the World Culture Festival at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Are able come?? Here’s the details:

Saturday, October 26th
Metropolitan Museum of Art – World Culture Festival 12- 5 pm
1 & 2 pm Miss Nina Story Time Performance
1000 Fifth Avenue – NY, NY
More Info HERE

So here’s a silly, simple and fun song for you this week called I Dropped My Pumpkin.¬†I did a version of this on the video show before, but called it I Dropped My Fish. This time I used a simple stuffed mini-pumpkin to have some fun. Kids love this for the slapstick element – you may have noticed that they find it HYSTERICAL when an adult drops something or bonks their head. You may notice some true belly laughs from the littlest ones when they participate in this song (we had them yesterday in our mommy-and-me playgroup!).

Additionally, this song is great for simple skills like body identification & speech development. The “older” preschoolers will enjoy trying to balance the pumpkin (or prop) on various body parts and will enjoy the performative aspect when they join in. ; ) ¬†Check it out:

Press play and let me know how it goes! Tell me in the comments if you get a belly laugh from your little ones.

And if you like this video, please share!

Enjoy your week – I’ll see you next Tuesday in your inbox!


Miss Nina

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