It’s October! And that means we start thinking and talking and singing and reading about all things Pumpkin and Halloween related – so it’s time for 5 Little Pumpkins!


If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that one of my favorite rhymes/songs for this time of year is Five Little Pumpkins. I madE up my own jazzy tune and recorded that rendition for my album Every Day’s Your Birthday back in 2016 (You can find it on Amazon HERE.)


Although I’ve made several video versions of this book including the Official Music Video – I’ve never recorded it WITH the book that I used in class to sing-along to, so that’s what I have for you this week! A read-along, sing-along video of Five Little Pumpkins – my original song/recording with the book by Dan Yaccarino:

5 Little Pumpkins Book Song:

Putting books into original songs was how Miss Nina came to be.  I’d been reading the same books twice a day, every day, in my preschool classroom and would often hear a tune AND be in need with a way to mix things up for us.

I loved using music and movement as a cross curriculum tool in my classroom – we’d sing and move while doing art, walking to the gym, having snack, and reading! I found that – just like Howard Gardner proposed in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, the more learning modalities I incorporated into our learning experience, the more the entire class was able to pay attention, stay engaged – and LEARN!


As time has gone on I have found that most of what I do fits in with the VARK ideology – using Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinetic modalities for learning.  Putting a book to music and moving along to it hits all those ways of receiving and experiencing learning and makes the learning experience deeper, more engaging and long lasting.


For children who don’t get read to very often, a video of a book being read and sung to them is the next best thing! So many pre-reading skills develop when interacting with books, even on the screen!


Feel free to use this video at home and/or in your classes! And if you’re passionate about learning, VARK, and having a great time in community with other while doing so – you may want to join us in Tunes & Tales!  What I explained above about VARK is at the heart of my program. We interact in with a new book each week in a variety of ways, deepening the learning of concepts, pre-reading and literacy skills, by experiencing them visually, through song and reading, music and movement and art – all with a super fun, loving and joyful community!


AND – I make the class adaptive to who is in there – so it’s fully inclusive and right for both early childhood as well as special abilities children and adults.



We’re having TONS of Fall Fun in there! You can be having it too! Get all the info and/or join us here: TUNES & TALES.


And of course….



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I hope you enjoy today’s video!
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Miss Nina


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