I’m noticing a trend here…. for the past 2 months (at least) I think I start each post talking about how cold it is here. 🤣

I keep being surprised by it – but I’m sure you no longer are. 🤣

We woke up to -15 degrees with a wind chill of -23! 🥶

So, although I’ve had enough of Winter, Winter has not had enough of us I guess! And so it continues to be my theme this month, and I have a new 5 Little Snowmen video for you!


BEFORE WE GET TO THAT, though…. I want to find out: do YOU want in on a new Miss Nina program launching soon?!

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Excited? So am I!



Okay, and now on to this week’s video! It’s a new video for the chant






  • RHYTHM & RHYME FOR SPEECH & LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: You’ll notice that this rhyme is an adaptation of 5 Little Pumpkins, and so has the same rhythm and cadence. Rhythm and rhyme are building blocks to speech and language development – and therefore also help eventually with reading skills. The rhythm makes it fun and aids in memorization. And then… wanting to have fun, the children will start to imitate and say the sounds of the rhyme, which helps to developthe muscles of their tongue and mouth.
  • MATH SKILLS:   Any time we interact with numbers we are developing our math skills! We learn numeric representation with our fingers, such as: five fingers = 5. And counting on our fingers is one of the first steps toward learning arithmetic. We are also being introduced ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.) and their sequence by talking about the “first” snowman and then the “second” snowman, etc. And counting on our fingers is the beginning of learning one-to-one correspondence – one of our most important basic math skills. *Learning order and sequence is both a math and language skill!*
  • FINE & GROSS MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT:   While we are using those fingers to count we are developing our fine motor skills! Learning to hold up and separate our fingers is hard work! And the way I do this rhyme in the video, it can also be a gross motor movement activity! There’s the opportunity to stomp/march, run in place and, of course, we have fun with body control as we slowly melt to the floor at the end!

If you like this video, I’d love it if you’d share it! Here’s the link –> https://youtu.be/hL03iaPEKoc


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OK – that is one big full blog post! I hope you enjoy this week’s video and I look forward to maybe seeing you in class and/or sharing with you about my new program launching soon!

Have a wonderful week!





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