I’ve got a new video for you today: Albuquerque The Turkey!

I’ve dubbed it “the Vegetarian’s Thanksgiving Song” because it’s about a person with a pet Turkey…. and when you have a pet Turkey, you eat scrambled eggs for Thanksgiving Dinner! At least, that’s what happens in this song.
So, not only do I have a new video for you today, but I decided to reach out to my friends and colleagues in the Kids Music world and see if there were any other vegetarian Thanksgiving songs out there. And, well, there sure are!


Along with my new video for you, I’ve also compiled a YouTube Video Playlist of Vegetarian Thanksgiving Songs for Kids:   GRAMMY award winner Joanie Leeds’ Tofurkey song, Turkey Day by Shawny, songs about mashed potatoes, and veggies of all kinds, Harvest Soup…new songs, old songs and just a whole lot of fun!

So first, here is Albuquerque The Turkey:


And….Click below to be taken to that Kids Vegetarian Thanksgiving Video Playlist:


I’m keeping it short & sweet today because I’m posting from my phone, during Jury Duty!! 

ENJOY & have a wonderful week and I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina 

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