Time for some farm song fun!



I have found that a really fun unit to focus on leading up to Thanksgiving is one about “the Farm”. Farm Animals, Farming, Harvest, Farm-to-Table: there are so many ways to explore the farm at home & in the preschool classroom via preschool activitiesand of course through music and movement! So today I have a preschool farm song for you.




If the kiddos in your life love Farm Animals and making animal sounds, but you just cannot bring yourself to sing Old MacDonald one more time (LOL! I feel you!) then this song, Down On Grandpa’s Farm, is for YOU!





In this video, we not only sing about the farm and make animal sounds together, but I have video of real live farm animals in it, too! 

Here’s the link to share: https://youtu.be/R2dVf7cUZ9M



I’ve got to keep it a little short and sweet today. It’s Election Day here in the USA, so Piper is home from school and we’ve got some things to do together! If you’re in the USA – be sure to get out and vote! 

And soon….more fun to come!  I’m working on a fun Black Friday offer for you to join The Pink Guitar Club, so stay tuned! 

See you in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina

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