I wrote a fun new back to school song yesterday and am excited to share it with you today! 

But speaking of going back to school – my Online Music & Movement Classes resume this week!! And I almost forgot to tell you about them. So before we get to this week’s video let me just put this here:



All the info is at this link: MyMissNina.com/online-class

You can register to just drop-in, for a full session or for the full 2022-23 schedule (at a 30% discount!)

We meet Wednesdays at 10 am Central Time via Zoom for 45 minutes of fun.

This is an all ages, all abilities class – and prices are per screen not per child. 

See you Wednesday??!!


And now for the video of the week! 

I wanted to write a back to school song that will help children get excited about going back – whether it’s after a long summer break or after just a weekend or one day off. So here is We’re Going Back To School



We sing several times about how cool it is that we’re going back to school – and then I name a lot of the fun things we do at school (play with toys, paint, sing, etc.). I used photos of preschoolers doing those things in this video to help!


If you have any little ones struggling with going back to school, hopefully this video can help – and/or help you start a discussion about all the fun there is to be had at school!


And if you’d rather stay off of YouTube, you can see the video over on my blog a little alter today: https://MyMissNina.com/blog


And that also reminds me – if you’re still thinking about ONLINE PLAYSCHOOLyou’re not too late! You can still us the coupon code MNOP20 to get that 20% discount! (Which is a steal! You get the whole program of 25 videos for just $35!).



Get all the details, watch an intro video and a video tour all at this link:



Ok – that’s a lot of stuff!!

I hope you enjoy this week’s back to school song video & find it useful! And perhaps I’ll see you on Zoom on Wednesday!!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead & I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday.


Miss Nina

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