What happens when you combine the NEW YEAR with the 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MISS NINA WEEKLY VIDEO SHOW ON YOUTUBE? You get a new, updated video version of The Brown Bear Rap! 


10 years! So much has transpired in that time and from this little dream of mine to make weekly videos where I speak directly to children to give them physically engaging screen time while helping them to learn and grow.
And, it’s hilarious, back then I was 41 and thought “I’m too old for YouTube..” LOL! It was mostly High School vloggers and cat videos at that time. And yet, look at YouTube now!
I have so many anecdotes, memories and stories to share about I can’t possibly do it all in one email or post – so I’ll be celebrating ALL MONTH LONG. Be sure and keep up on Instagram @missninastone or my Facebook Page  @Miss Nina for more.


**And I have something very special launching soon in honor of all of this, so keep your eyes and ear open! **
Meanwhile – I could think of no better way to mark my 10th Anniversary by making a new, updated video for one of my most popular songs:



If you’re on this email list, well you know this song!
The Brown Bear Rap, my hip-hop version of the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle, is a great way to get the little ones engaged, moving and reading! Simply engaging with books, the way the pages turn, & recognizing and naming pictures and symbols are HUGE pre-reading skills and steps to Literacy.
And engaging the whole child – visually, physically, verbally, auditorily – helps them retain their learning AND have fun!!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you!!
Feel free to share the video with anyone you think might enjoy it: https://youtu.be/QoundqImg7Q
Again –  Happy New Year to you!  And thank you for being with me on this journey and celebrating with me!!
Let’s keep the fun going in 2022! I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday….
Miss Nina
PS: You can still join my Online Music and Movement class or just drop-in for one! Classes are on Wednesday mornings! Info here:

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