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We went from busy end-of-year school schedule to chilled out summer schedule in a flash.



You may be well into your summertime plans or still wrapping up your school year. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s video! I’m jumping into a summertime Fish & Ocean theme with a new sea animals video for the song:


Bubble Bubble POP!

This sea animals song can be adapted in so many ways. Some people do it as a numbers and counting song starting with “one little fish swimming in the water”, and then two little fish, etc.


Some do it for color identification – one red fish, then one yellow, etc.


I decided to make it more about various sea animals so we could have fun moving our bodies in different ways. It’s great for circle time, you can stay seated the whole time and do these movements – or make it a whole movement activity and stand up and move around the room. Like I said – it’s a super adaptable song!!


Here’s the video – but PS: be sure to scroll down to see my summer performance schedule! I’d love to see you in person!




  • SEA ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION:  In my version of this song, we sing about fish, an octopus, a turtle, baby shark (!!), and enormous whale – and then back to a fish. If you’re talking about the ocean and animals that live in it, this will be a great song to support that learning.

  • UPPER BODY MOVEMENT & DEVELOPMENT:  In this video we use our hands for fine motor movement – using our wrists, hands and even our fingers in a pinching movement –  and we also use large arm movement for squiggling like an octopus, spouting water like a whale, and making the bubble bubble pop movements with our arms overhead.  All of these movements help develop out upper body and hand muscles to support little ones overall muscle development, but especially aids in the development of muscles that help us hold and use forks, spoons, crayons, pens and pencils!

  • SPEECH & LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: The repetitive nature of this song, like most preschool songs, is so helpful to speech and language development. Practice makes –  progress! So repeating something over and over again helps our bodies get better and better at mastering the task at hand, whether that be the large muscles in our body or the muscles of our mouths for language development. And the “bubble bubble bubble bubble POP!” is SO MUCH FUN to say and do! And helps to children to practice the difference between the B sound and the P sound.



And of course, I’d love it if you would share this video anyone who might find it fun and/or useful:  https://youtu.be/XlIuf0L0bmU

AND…. I’m doing a handful of LIVE SUMMER PERFORMANCES this summer! Here’s where to find me:

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

I hope you find the song/video of the week helpful!

I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday.


Miss Nina

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