So, it’s time for a clean up song!


But first,I wanted to say my apologies for a lack of communication over the past week. You may have seen my Instagram post explaining how my husband got severe Covid while away on a business trip. It was a really scary for a few days, and it took up all my focus – which is why last Tuesday came and went without a video, email or blog post from me.


I am very happy to report that he has come through, is very much on the mend and we are all reunited!!  (And…today is his Birthday!!)


So, today I have for you what I’d intended as last week’s video – a clean up song! This video is a sort of music-video version of my Clean Up Medley.


The vocal for this track is from a DIY CD I made for my preschool classes in 2007-2008!!


This is the clean up song I’d sing every day when cleaning up and so I’d made a recording, with my friend Doug Silver on piano, to give to my classes as a Holiday gift. 


Although I’ve done versions of this song/medley on the video show before, I’ve never used this audio, nor had I made it a video style that SHOWS other kids cleaning!


My hope is that you can play this at home or in your classroom and it will encourage your little ones to clean up when it’s time. So… here is your new favorite clean up song video! 🙂




  • THE “MARY POPPINS AFFECT”: In the movie, Mary Poppins says “for every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game!” And that is the motivation, I believe, for any clean up song. In this version, the piano has such a spirited sound it feels fun to clean up! And the “song” is actually a medley of several different clean up songs strung together. So the variety of tune, tempo and pitch keeps children tuned in to the whole thing.

  • REACHES ACROSS SEVERAL LEARNING STYLES:  Some learn by watching. (Visual learners.)  Some learn by hearing instructions. (Auditory learners.) Some learn by doing/moving (Kinetic learners). So a song with instructions, that is also a video SHOWING how to clean up, while also being fun to actually move and clean to reaches across learning styles and gets EVERYONE involved.

  • GROUNDING: Having a fun clean-up song as a transition between activities helps keep children grounded in the moment and in the activity. We often lose children’s attention, focus and some can lose control of themselves during tranitions. Having a song for clean up time helps them to know what they are doing, and what comes next – which grounds children. Knowing “what comes next” (because, of course, children can’t tell time) helps them feel safe. 


And of course, I’d love it if you would share this video anyone who might find it fun and/or useful:

I hope you find this song/video helpful! I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday.


Miss Nina


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