It’s the day after a long night of walking around the neighborhood, trick-or-treating and eating a lot of candy!

I hope you and your little ones had as much fun as Piper did. I am feeling a little worse for war after the whole affair – LOL!

And here we are in November.  Another fun month that begins a little sleepy but also starts to bring in the holiday season. If your little ones are in school or if you teach school, it’s often a month with several days off in it in the USA: election day, Veteran’s Day, sometimes Parent-Teacher Conferences and/or professional development days and, of course Thanksgiving!

Over the years I’ve had a variety of themes that I focus on. For my toddler class, way back when, I took the month to focus on different kinds of birds, leading us up to Turkeys. Over time I’ve expanded that to focusing on things like Farm Animals, Farm-to-Table and the Harvest, Cooking & Meals, and Family & Togetherness. All of these themes leading us into Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays..

But often this first week of November feels just a wee bit early to step out of Halloween and immediately start talking about Thanksgiving. I think it’s a great time to pause, look around and really enjoy the Fall season and what’s happening with the trees and leaves.

So today I have for you three Fall Leaves songs & movement activities that are perfect for circle time, music class and/or some gross motor play (with scarves!).  In this post I have for you:


1. The Leaves are Falling Down (with Piper!) – scarves and movement activity.

2. Like Leaves In Windy Weather – gross motor In & Out movement & dance activity

3.  Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down – Color Identification & Movement Activity

So let’s have some fun!


1. The Leaves are Falling Down (with Piper!) – scarves and movement activity:

In this video, Piper and I show you a variety of ways to use movement scarves (or whatever you have on hand) to make believe you’re playing outside in the Fall leaves. We through the scarves up and let them fall down, we twirl around, and we even make a pile and jump into the leaves! A very adaptable song and activity that you can make your own. Lots of Fall fun!





2. Like Leaves In Windy Weather – gross motor In & Out movement & dance activity:


This fun song can be done as a circle dance in class, or solo/at home by making a circle on the floor (masking tape, a hoop, etc.) to go in and out of. We “dance and twirl together like leaves in windy weather” and then we “blow” in and out of the circle. Lots and lots of fun and a very adaptable song and activity.





3.  Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down – Color Identification & Movement Activity: 

This focuses mostly on color identification and the color of the leaves at this time of  year. It can be done seated and just using your arms and hands, or it can be done as a gross motor activity that you get up and dance too!





So there you have it! Three Fall Leaves songs for preschoolers and toddlers that are great to move along to and celebrate the season!


And if you want to join me LIVE for some of this Fall fun there are TWO ways:

You can join my Online Music & Movement Class (drop in or sign up for the full session): INFO & SIGN UP HERE

Or there’s tons of fun in the Pink Guitar Club!

Our monthly Live Stream is this Thursday 11/4/22 at 4:30 pm Central Time, and I’ve also got fun Fall read-alouds & craft alongs, and playlists over there as well! Details and/or join us HERE.


And that’s my news for you today! I’ll see you in your inbox and on the blog next Tuesday




Miss Nina

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