Tomorrow is the First Day of Autumn (here in the northern hemisphere!) so it’s time for a Fall Song!


Last week we had an Apple focus with Farmer Brown Had 5 Red Apples – and although in the Fall we focus on leaves and pumpkins, too, it seems a smidge early for that. So, what’s a good Fall Song for right now?




This week’s song is the adorable and easy-to-learn Grey Squirrel.


(I do not know who wrote this gem – but if you do, please let me know so I can give proper credit to that person.)





  • “S” SOUNDS: This song is simple and easy to learn, but for the little ones it can be a big of a tongue twister! In the most repeated line of the song “Grey Squirrel, grey squirrel, swish your bushy tail”  we get to practice several consonant blends:  “squ” in “Squirrel”, “sw” in “Swish” and “sh” inside of the word “bushy”. This is great practice for speech development!

  • All ABOUT SQUIRRELS:  This song is a great jumping off point to talk about those squirrels that are running around all over the place in fall. What are they doing? Why are they gathering nuts? Why so much action in the Fall?

  • GROSS MOTOR MOVEMENT:  This is a great song for Circle Time and a great one to use as one to transition from sitting down to standing up. It’s not a big, wild movement song, but gets the children up on their feet and doing some large movements while staying relatively stationary. And also – it’s totally ADORABLE!


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I hope you find this week’s video and song helpful! And as always, feel free to use these videos in your classes or at home with family and friends.



Miss Nina

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