It’s always a good day for Frog Songs, amiright?!


I got knocked out by a really bad cold for the past five days or so –  and it fully disrupted by plans for filming and editing new episodes for you, I’m sad to say. But I’m finally starting to feel better. And although it’s not fun to be sick, I’m sure I got this cold because I’ve been out and about having fun in the world – traveling, attending big, fun events and seeing lots of people, and having visitors from out of town – all of which I’ve not done for two years!!

But because I don’t have anything new for you today, I thought I’d put together some Froggy Fun for you with Frog Songs!


I tend to save Frog themes and songs for the Spring, but they really fit any time of year. Kids love these little beings – how they look, how they move, how they feel – and how they sound!


So today I have a few frog songs for you to have fun with. Below you’ll find:


  • Ba-Rump! (Went The Little Green Frog)

  • 5 Green & Speckled Frogs

  • FROGS! (Also known as “One Morning”)

  • The Brown Bear Rap (because there is a Frog in it! And we to the whole Tiny Tim frog-rhyme in my song/video of it).

So…here we go!


1. Starting off with this silly song, Ba-Rump! (Went The Little Green Frog) which is also known as Ga-Lumph! or even Oom-Ah!  I loved this one so much that I even put it on my album Sha Doo Be Doop and you can find it onSpotify, Apple Music, Amazon and all other online outlets:



2. Next up, the timeless 5 Green & Speckled Frogs. It’s a counting song where we take away one frog at a time an learn subtraction as each frog jumps into the water. It’s got fun words (speckled) and sounds (yum yum) in it and lots of fun, repetitive motions. It’s a classroom and childhood FAVORITE!



The next song is a Passover song, but if you change one word, it’s a song for anybody at anytime! This song, FROGS or One Morning by Shirley Cohen Steinerg is a song about one of the 10 Plagues. You guessed it: Frogs! And it’s a song making light of when Pharoah wakes up to frogs everywhere. To make this a secular song – just a silly song about frogs – you simply replace “Pharoah” (which is said only once) with another name. For instance:


“One morning when Miss Nina woke in her bed,
there were frogs in her bed and frogs on her head.
Frogs on her nose and frogs on her toes.
Frogs here. Frogs there.
Frogs were jumping everywhere!”


I further arranged the song to add some time and rhythm for jumping and ribbit-ing!



And finally – well, it’s not entirely a frog song – but it’s The Brown Bear Rap! The book has a frog in it, and in my rap I’ve added the old “I have a little frog, his name is Tiny Tim” right into the song. So it’s seems fitting – right?




So there you have it! Fun Frog Songs to move and sing along too! Enjoy! I’m going to have lots of Vitamin C and get rested up to make you a whole slew of new videos.



And don’t forget, you can always join me online on Wednesday for Music & Movement via Zoom! All the info is right here: Miss Nina Online Music & Movement Class Info






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