Grandma’s Glasses for Thanksgiving?

It’s November 23rd, and in the USA we’re all headed into the Thanksgiving Holiday. As schools begin their breaks and celebrations (at Piper’s school today they are having their Fall Party) I can feel the Holiday Season officially beginning!

So…my thoughts today are on FAMILY. Whatever you celebrate and wherever you are in the world, the Holiday Season is the time of year that we tend to get together with and think about family – whether it be your family of origin, or the one you’ve made for yourself with cherished friends.

So, I thought it would be great to have this fun rhyme in our “song & rhyme tool box” to use during the holiday season –  or any time of year!


It’s a favorite of preschoolers because we get to act like a Grandma, a Grandpa and….a baby that falls asleep! Here’s the video:



  • FAMILY: This rhyme is a great one for discussing family – all the different members of peoples family – from babies to grandparents and everyone in between. In this one, thought, we just focus on Grandma, Grandpa and baby – which is unusual, but also fun!
  • SAME & DIFFERENT:  In this rhyme, every character has glasses, a hat and a way to fold their hand/arms. It’s a great way to discuss and learn about the concepts of SAME & DIFFERENT. What’s the same for all of these characters? (Glasses, they all have eyes, hats, etc. ) What’s different? (Different sizes and shapes of glasses and hats and bodies, different voices, etc.)
  • CREATIVE EXPRESSION & DRAMATIZATION:  Although I demonstrate the size and shapes of the glasses and hats in MY way – you and the children in your life are welcome to do these actions anyway that YOU want! Each child can have fun deciding on what each character’s glasses look like, and same with their hats – and their voices! Have fun discussing what size, shape and color they are pretending their glasses and hats are. Leaving lots of room for creative thought and expression builds self-esteem and independence in your little ones.

If you like this video, I’d love it if you’d share it! Here’s the link –>

Enjoy! And if you celebrate I wish you a wonderful THANKSGIVING! I am so grateful for you and to be connected with you, and for the opportunity to bring joy and learning through music and movement to the little ones in your life.

Miss Nina

PS: I’m just feeling so in the spirit of Thanksgiving and want to share with you my song, Grateful, again:

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