We made it. We’ve come through 2020 and have landed in 2021. 

And I have written and re-written so many versions of this email because, well, there is so much to say – and there’s no way to say it all! 

2020 had (and has) me sifting through a whole lot of grief and gratitude, simultaneously, every day. But truly, all of you – this global Miss Nina community – have helped to get me through. Knowing I had you to make videos for, see at our livetreams and during online classes gave me some purpose and direction and a whole lot of happiness when that was hard to come by. And I thank you so much!

And wow – we did A LOT together in 2020. At the beginning of last year, I’d set one very specific goal – to make 52 videos in 52 weeks. And my friends, TODAY IS VIDEO #52!!!!! 

But you – your viewership and participation – not only helped me achieve my goal – we EXCEEDED it! With everyone moving into the online space, I was positively pushed to try new thing, technically, in my videos – new editing, green screens, microphones – that have really helped my videos to be more fun and engaging. 

And SO MANY LIVESTREAMS! We were online, live, 5 days a week for about 2 months, then twice a week for several months, and then once a week. AND we created Tunes & Tales, my online music and movement classes – and we are still going strong in there having so much fun! 

I got to drop into your classes and birthday parties via Zoom traveling to New Zealand, Ireland and all across the USA – from my living room!

And it’s been super exciting to watch as so many of you have joined this email list to get weekly emails, and to see friends joining from all over the world. In just this last week we’ve had new friends join us from South Africa, the UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, South Korea, and all across the USA!  WELCOME!

So – WOW. We have found a lot of joy and fun and innovative ways to learn together – and we’re gonna keep on going! So now..

THIS WEEK’S VIDEO, #52 of 52 IS…


Over the holiday break, the Winter Solstice arrived and we officially entered Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere). Time for songs and rhyme and books about SNOW!! Today’s video is a fun and easy movement song because we get to “melt” like snowmen (snow people?) out in the hot sun. We stand up, sing along to the tune of I’m A Little Teapot, making some snowman motions and then slowly melt all the way to the ground. It’s REALLY fun!! 


  • Science: Children start thinking about and embodying the idea of melting finding out  what happens to ice when the temperature rises?
  • Body control and gross motor movement: the song does not take up a lot of space, but children get to move their full bodies!  They also need to exercise body control and  learn to bring their bodies back under control after the silly melting part! (We do the song 3 times in a row so they can practice!)
  • Speech & Language development: simple songs and rhymes that are repeated always help the little ones with their speech and language. Saying words while doing the motions help them to learn and experience what words mean. Short songs are easy to master and remember, and repeating them helps them to develop their speech! 

View video below and here’s a link to share –> https://youtu.be/7ZEpAL61N50


Check out some of these other Miss Nina Winter themed videos here:

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I’m working on a more manageable live stream schedule and will post that soon – but if you’re missing that live interaction, come join us in Tunes & Tales! Music and movement classes based around children’s books and crafts – LIVE twice a week! all the info is here: 


Enjoy this week’s video. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a wonderful week! 


Miss Nina


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