Another Preschool Summer Song!

Yesterday was the first day of Summer and we have been fully embracing it with many days of swimming, beaching and traveling under out belt already. Woohoo! Whether you are getting out and about or chillin’ out close to home this Summer, you can celebrate and embrace the season with a preschool summer song for the little ones!

Building on our Fish theme from last week, I have a new video for you today of:


This is a simple song to the tune of “I’m A Little Teapot”. I do it twice in this video and you can follow right along. Lyrics are in the video and posted below it too (both on YouTube and my blog). You can do it standing up with me, sitting, or grab your fish puppet or craft and join with me that way:


  • PARTS OF A FISH: In this short song we mention “here is my tail, and here is my fin”, which introduces parts of a fish which you can then bring into your art activities when making fish art!
  • SPEECH & LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:  This is a simple song that is easy to learn and repeat. Moving our body with the words helps little brains remember the words and their order, and singing aids in speech and language development.
  • EASY GROSS MOTOR MOVEMENT:  I do this song standing up, and although it’s not a lot of movement, it’s a nice easy, calm way to get our bodies moving and bending. A way to warm up our bodies and voices in circle time, or before a bigger activity.

View video by clicking the photo above, and here’s a link to share –>

Need more fish and ocean themed songs?

Don’t forget last week’s video “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught A Fish Alive”  from last week’s post:

1 2 3 4 5 – Once I Caught A Fish Alive! | Summer Counting Song

Or my “Like a Crab” song that was inspired by the book Don’t Worry Little Crab by Chris Haughton:

Like A Crab! Crab Walk Song For Preschool Kids & Toddlers


Enjoy and have fun!

And as always, feel free to use these videos in your homes, classrooms and early childhood centers – and please SHARE these videos with anyone who might find them useful!

Have a wonderful week!


Miss Nina


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