Yesterday I was trying to figure out a good guitar strumming pattern for Jingle Bells and well, honestly? I got SO BORED!


I knew I wanted Jingle Bells to be the song this week – but man, it was just NOT sounding festive on guitar. Or fun. It needed more. It needed….A DANCE BEAT!


So there I was at 2 pm suddenly building and recording a dance track on my computer – at 5 pm I begged Piper to put on her sparkle dress and record a the video with me and….VOILA! Today I have for you the….






So, yeah…it was a little last minute. But when inspiration hits I gotta go with it! LOL!


But you now have a very festive, funky and fun Holiday Dance Party Song and/or Brain Break!


And Jingle Bells is a song for everyone and anytime! Although we sing at the holidays, there is nothing in the song actually about the Holidays. It speaks of sleigh bells, which can be attributed to Santa – but sleigh bells are not limited to Santa alone! (Just, maybe, snow travel alone…🤷🏼‍♀️ ??)


I’ve definitely had kids request to sing Jingle Bells during camp in the summertime. LOL!


So – ENJOY!!! And I would LOVE to know how your kiddos like it! Send me an email or tag me on social media if you post any videos or photos of the kids in your life dancing along with us! Tag me on Instagram with this @missninastone or via my Facebook Page as @Miss Nina.


Feel free to share the video with anyone you think might enjoy it:


And if you want to have fun WITH me – join or drop-in to my Online Music & Movement classes!


It’s 40-45 minutes of online music and movement fun for preschool kids and special abilities friends of all ages one Wednesday mornings!


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OMG – I cannot wait for you to see this week’s video so go check it out! And we’ll definitely be dancing in class, so I hope to see you there too!






Miss Nina

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