I’m getting ready to get ready for back-to-school. LOL! But we’re not there yet. I’m diligently working on some cool things for you, so today I’m re-sharing some super fun Kids Dance Games videos that have been HITS in my preschool classes and at my concerts!


One of these kids dance games is my pop-song take on a classic old game the kids love – FREEZE DANCE! And the other is a song I wrote for an old backyard game I used to play with my sisters and cousins. The game was called Swinging Statues and I re-envisioned it and wrote it into a song called – SPINNING STATUES.


I’d first adapted for a Drama class I’d taught in NYC for kids that were 8 to 12 years old. When I started teaching the younger kiddos, I adapted the game so it was less of a wait-and-take-turns sort of thing, and more of a game that all could play together at the same time.


So, we’ll start of the fun with MY FREEZE DANCE. The vibe of the song is inspired by Meghan Trainor. I wanted a Doo-Wop Pop feel to the song, and I wanted to incorporate ways that one could either fully listen to all the different ways I call out to dance, or simply just have fun bopping along and freezing when I say to!  I made this video with the help of students of all ages and abilities from my Online Music & Movement classes (they sent me videos!) AND with the help of Piper and our neighbor, Lydia. 🙂 SO here’s video one – My Freeze Dance:






And if you’re ready for even more fun, get ready for Spinning Statues. This song has a bit of a Freeze Dance element to it, but we also get to Spin and engage with faster and faster tempos, as well as different musical styles. It’s a great song end-of-class, get-the-wiggles-out song for the end of Music Class or as a Brain Break in school! So, here is – SPINNING STATUES:






I hope you find these kids dance games as much fun as the kids on my Life do! Feel free to use them and share them with anyone you know who might enjoy them!


If you’re in the Minnesota area, I’ve got some more library shows coming up at the end of this week and into next! Here’s the info:



You can check the Washington County Libraries Events page for more details.

Next week we’ll start talking about back-to-school with some Hello Song options for you! And get ready for the re-release of my Online Playschool along with a re-launch of my Membership (with lower pricing and open to ALL!) So much fun stuff coming…. in the meantime, have a wonderful week! I’ll see you in your inbox and/or on the blog next Tuesday!


Miss Nina

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