I hope all is well with you! I’m excited to be back on the blog with some March Music & Movement !


So it’s March – and there’s a lot to celebrate! It’s Women’s History Month, the first day of Spring is approaching….. and yet, I always find this a really weird time in terms of themes & focuses for preschool.

Yes, the first day of Spring arrives in March, but typically, it’s not very Spring-like. I like to save all the sunshine, green grass, caterpillar & butterfly songs for when things are really blooming.  It’s Women’s History Month – and although a wonderful thing to celebrate and talk about it, I don’t have enough in my repertoire to build a class around.

So you know what? I tend to focus on a Transportation theme at this time of year. Yep! Cars, trains, planes, boats, trucks….Stop & Go, Fast & Slow – it’s A LOT of fun! So, here’s some songs I use at this time of year:


1. I Have A Little Bicycle – this one is great exercise and a fun way to work on stop & go AND fast & slow:



2. Riding In My Car – I wrote this song as an alternative to The Wheels On The Bus. I have several videos of this song out there, but this one is my Music Video Version! You can still move and sing along!



3. Piper joins me in Row Row Row Your Boat! We definitely have a lot of Fast & Slow fun in this one!



4. An Oldie but a Goodie -The Wheels On The Bus! It’s Miss Nina from 2012!




5. Can’t have a list of transportation songs without a train song! There are so many. Here’s the classic I’ve Been Working On The Railroad. (Also an older video from 2012).





6. MY FREEZE DANCE! It’s not a transportation song at all – but if you’re working on Stop & Go – well, you’ve got to throw this one in!





And there you have it! Some fun Transportation songs for this March – or anytime!!

Which are you gonna use this week? Let me know in the comments!


Miss Nina

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