Welcome back!

Today I’ve got for you the fourth and final part of my Summer Circle Time Series! It’s been fun doing this and sharing my best practices and secrets for the preschool classroom. But I’m also ready to get back to giving you some good old music and movement videos!

In fact – one video i would LOVE TO HAVE YOUR HELP CREATING!!  You and/or the child or children in your live can BE IN A MISS NINA MUSIC VIDEO!!

I’ve been wanting to make a video for My Freeze Dance song for ages – so it’s going to happen this month. To be in it – it’s very simple. Simply listen and dance along to My Freeze Dance and video your children – or yourselves! – dancing and freezing and having a great time. Be sure to hold your phone in landscape mode when you do this for great video presentation. If you don’t have the My Freeze Dance – you can click right here to listen to it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4TJNsIzYQKPmaiRoLqgQUJ?si=f_Y2KosxSDu3L41bVVOHtA

Once you’ve made your video – just email to me: nina@mymissnina.com. And voila! We’ll put together the best Freeze Dance video EVER!

And now for this week’s video.  We are transitioning out of circle time this week, and although that would only take one song, I figured I’d take this video to talk about Transition Songs & Tips and my 4 Keys to Transition Song Success!


Now, although I sing through four transition songs this week, I realize that this video is directed almost totally at teachers and parents. So, for the little one’s viewing pleasure – and to compliment the video above – here are two videos and songs that I mention in the video. First, DO AS I’M DOING:


And next – the mother of all transition songs – my Clean-Up Medley:


I really hope you’ve found my summer series helpful.

I know that right now we are all looking for solutions in giving our children the best education we can this year under the current circumstances. I’ll be running my LIVE preschool music and movement program throughout the school year. If you’d like more info or to join us in that you can email me for details or visit: https://mymissnina.com/tunes-tales.


That’s every Wednesday at 3:30 Central time on my Facebook Page and YouTube Chanel.

Have a wonderful week!


Miss Nina




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