It’s Apple Time!!

I’ve been patient this year. I haven’t jumped the gun with preschool apple rhymes or Fall songs and activities in August! LOL! I’ve even waited to mid- September. But I can’t wait anymore!


I LOVE THE FALL! I really do. And I really love all the fun autumn songs, rhymes, activities, crafts and books there are for preschool! And I like to start the celebration with a focus on those cripsy, sweet delicious APPLES!


Today I have a new video for you of a preschool apple rhyme that I’ve definitely heard before – but have not used myself in class or on the video show….until now! It’s called:






Some people know this rhyme as “I Climbed Up The Apple Tree”. I think I simply inadvertently changed that first line from, well, poor memory. LOL! But the rhythm still works – and that’s what’s important!





  • SPEECH DEVELOPMENT: Rhythm and rhyme are key to speech and language development. So this rhyme is perfect! It has a very simple and steady rhythm that is easy to mimmick. And the repetition of the word apple really helps us to learn & practice how to say it. 

  • CREATIVE DRAMA & SELF EXPRESSION: It’s a short rhyme but it has so many elements of storytelling and creative expression that it keeps the kids engaged. They get to tell a little story, there’s silliness, pantomiming, and the question at the end brings so much delight! 

  • RELATABLE TO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCES: Whether you are going to visit an apple orchard, make apple treats, or simply eat them – this rhyme has something in it relatable to children’s real life experience; and that is what learning is all about! Plus, that last line “did you ever tell a lie?” can be a great jump off point for discussion! 



Here’s the video link to share:


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For a refresher on it all click HEREor on the photo above.



And that’s the news for today! Enjoy this week’s video and I hope have some Apple fun this week!


Miss Nina

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