Well friends, we can go on one today without leaving our homes with my song Riding In My Car!  It;s another NEW Miss Nina Music Video!
I wrote this song several years ago, and released on my album Sha Doo Be Doop back in 2013.
When I wrote it, I was looking for a participatory song much like The Wheels On The Bus, but about being on a car ride. So, Riding In My Car came to be!
This is another song I’ve done on the video show before, in sing-along style and acoustic. But today, I’ve made a true Music Video for you with lots of real life footage of kids and grown-ups riding in the car, steering, putting their seat belts on, having a snack and going on a bumpy road.
Oh, and there’s definitely some DOGS in this video who enjoy their car rides, too!
So, at long last here is my Official Music Video for


Here’s the link to share:
Feel free to use in your classes, schools and homes and to share with anyone you know who might find it useful!
**I am still on vacation – so if for any reason the video links are not working in this email, head on over to my YouTube Channel and you should be able to see the video over there. Here’s the link:

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful week!


Miss Nina

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