Happy Autumn!!
It’s officially the first day of Fall, so we’re celebrating it with the songĀ – and scarf activity – The Leaves Are Falling Down .

Grab some movement scarves – or a bandana, a dishtowel, a napkin – anything that you little one(s) can easily throw into the air, and can float down.

Once again, this is a song that you can do in person in a fully operational class, in a socially distanced class where each child has their own space and scarf/scarves, or virtually.

The tune is The Farmer In The Dell and we go through it singing “the leaves are falling down” multiple times, then a couple of verses of “the leaves are blowing all around” and then we push them/rake them into a pile and…..JUMP IN THEM!

If you’re able to be outside and sing and play with ACTUAL leaves – then definitely do that!

And although this is clearly a Fall video, this activity is easily adaptable to other seasons or subjects: the SNOW is falling down, or the RAIN is coming down, or even just singing about the WIND.

Feel free to share this post or even share the video! That link is: https://youtu.be/rjpTKCDiXrs

And for some live fun with me, join me on Facebook & YouTube on Wednesdays at 3:30 Central Time for – and for a super fun online music and movement class join us in Tunes & Tales!

Have a wonderful week!


Miss Nina

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