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Ready for some preschool Halloween fun? Or just Halloween fun in general?! Are you already celebrating?

Piper wears her costume nearly every day for an hour or so, just for fun! LOL! 

Well, I have a new preschool Halloween video for you today with a little fingerplay that’s festive for Halloween, but not scary for the little ones.

And within this video, I show you how to easily make those ghost finger puppets at home! 

This week’s fun Halloween rhyme is called:





  • FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: This rhyme is a fingerplay so we hold up our hand and take away one finger at a time – this is great for our fine motor skills development. Learning to hold up one or more fingers while others are folded down is hard stuff that takes practice! And this helps us later with holding utensils, crayons and pencils and helps with pre-writing skills.

  • EARLY MATH SKILLS: Number identification, subtractions and one-to-one correspondence all are in play with this rhyme! That’s a lot of early math skills all while having Halloween fun, right?!

  • SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL IDENTIFICATION: Our little ghost friends have some personality traits similar to our toddler friends – they go trick or treating, the get sleepy, they go to bed – having identification with the characters in a story keeps us interested and helps us to identify emotions, feelings and the names that go with them. 

Here’s the link to share: https://youtu.be/OVDEZ3taqgY


And guess what?! A new session of Online Music & Movement starts this week!!


Classes are Wednesdays at 11 am Eastern / 10 am Central / 9 am Mountain / 8 am Pacific.

 So if you’d like to join me for a little online Halloween Party this week sign up to drop-in this Wednesday or for the whole 8 week session!

Get all the details and/or sign up, click HERE.


Enjoy today’s video and have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

See you in your inbox and/or on the blog next Tuesday!


Miss Nina

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