It’s that time of year – back-to-school; or nearly back to school. And if you’re looking to switch up your routine and looking for a new hello and/or goodbye song, I’ve got several Preschool Hello & Goodbye Songs right here for you!


1.Welcome Welcome Everyone

This is a sweet preschool hello song that welcomes everyone and incorporates some light clapping and a gentle stretch. I really love it for toddlers.




2. Starting Our Day

I wrote this song last year – because I just needed an alternative to one I had been doing, and one where I can add in each child’s name and say hello.





3. 1 2 3 Clap Your Hands With Me

Although we don’t sing hello specifically in this song, it’s a great one to start your day or your class with. It’s simple, engages each child with their suggested way they’d “like to move to say hello today”, thereby keeping the kids engaged from the first moment (especially as they wait their turn!)





4. Miss Nina  – Hello Hello

This is my original Hello song, Hello Hello, from my album Singing & Dancing Together. In this video you’ll see people from around the world waving hello! A fun video to play to start your day.





5. Later Alligator!

My most recent video – Later Alligator is the goodbye song I used my first couple of years teaching preschool. It’s got fun motions, and simple words. It also works great as a clean-up song and transition song!





6. Miss Nina Goodbye Song  – Bye Bye Everybody 

After a couple of years, I wrote my own goodbye Song! You an find a recording of this song on my album Sha Doo Be Doop (which is on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon).  In this song we say goodbye in 9 different languages. Over the years, and while teaching online, I adapted the song to saying goodbye to each child by name, first, and then saying goodbye in different languages. So that’s what we do in this video!




7. See ya Later, Alligator – Animal Themed Goodbye Song

This is fun song that kids love to sing at the end of class. We use all sorts of animals and ways to say goodbye.


And there you have it! Four Hello Songs and three Goodbye Songs making a fun post of preschool Hello & goodbye songs! Enjoy using and/or sharing them. And have a wonderful Back-To-School season!


Miss Nina

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