Winter is upon us!! Throughout the USA this past weekend, nearly everywhere experienced a blast of cold, snow and ice! Many states who don’t usually see any snow or cold weather got some, and those of us who usually do had our usual share! SO…. I figured it was a great time to arm you with six preschool winter songs and rhymes!
Below you’ll find Six Preschool Winter Songs & Rhyme videos to help you celebrate, discuss and learn about winter. Scroll down for::
  1.  Chubby Little Snowman
  2. I’m A Little Snowman
  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. The Snow-key Pokey
  5. The Mitten
  6. Peter Penguin
So, we start with CHUBBY LITTLE SNOWMAN! This is a cute rhythmic rhyme that can be done sitting as fingerplay/rhyme with motions or you can stand up and have the kiddos pair up and use their full bodies for some Dramatic Movement Play:



Next up is I’m A Little Snowman – which has quickly become one of my favorite preschool Winter songs. It’s to the tune of I’m A Little Teapot and kids LOVE it. Again, you can do it sitting or standing. I demonstrate both ways in the video. Kids absolutely LOVE the part when we melt!



One of the best things about playing outside in the snow is coming in and having some Hot Chocolate to warm up!! So be sure and add this fun move-along preschool winter song by Stephanie Leavell to your Winter Songs list. It’s a jazzy little tune and after we do it a couple of times “regular” we do a version of it with an elephant-sized cup (and deep voice) and then a mouse-sized cup (and small voice.) Click play for the fun:



It’s always fun to talk about what you need to wear when you got out to play in the snow – and the Snow-key Pokey makes this so much fun! It’s the Hokey Pokey but for cold-weather! 
I’ve done this with my classes in a variety of ways: we’ve dressed up in our outside wear for the song; we’ve used our imaginations and pretended to dress up in winter gear; and sometimes we get out the movement scarves or dress up clothes and fabrics and get creative with them for hats, mittens, scarves, coats and boots. All ways are welcome!



If you’re looking for a perfect Wintertime story, look no further than The Mitten by Jan Brett! Last week I shared this video of my song version of the book. Read along and sing-along with me and see what happens to Nicki’s snow-white mitten after he drops it in the snow when he’s playing!



January is often a time that we discuss animals who like cold weather – and so we sing about Peter Penguin!
This is just a cute song that describes what a penguin looks like and how it moves. You can get up and waddle along while I play and sing.




And there you have it! Six videos for some wintertime music and movement fun! More to come next week so be sure and join the email list to get next week’s email and new video! And if you want to have fun with me LIVE – drop-in to music and movement class with me!


It’s just $20/screen to drop in (yes, you can have multiple kids per screen participate!) or join us for the rest of the session at a pro-rated cost. Get all the info and/or sign up here:
ENJOY! And Feel free to use and share any of these videos. See you next Tuesday!
MIss Nina


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