I can hardly believe we’re rolling up on the Spring holidays of Easter and Passover. Time is flying!

One of the challenges I’ve had over my teaching career is to find a way to acknowledge and celebrate the various holidays that are being celebrated in the lives of the children that I’m teaching, while remaining secular in my curriculum.

One way I do that is by employing lots of Bunny Songs!

We see a lot of bunnies in the Spring (and many see the Easter Bunny!) so it works!  AND, Bunny songs get us doing a lot of hopping and jumping around which is great for developing our gross motor skills, our cardiovascular health – and helps us get those wiggles out!

So – I have lots of Bunny Songs videos out there already (Here Is A Bunny, Sleeping Bunnies, John The Rabbit…) but I’ve got a brand new one for you this week:


This week I put the video into three parts:

  • PART I.I teach the Motions

  • PART II:  Rhyme with motions

  • PART III:  Song with motions

In the first part I walk you through the motions of the rhyme (very simple).

In the second part, we do it together saying the rhyme and doing the motions two times through.

In the third part, I grab my guitar and we make it into a song. We do the motions – sitting or standing – and I add a lot of extra hopping at the end!

Here are the lyrics:

Robbie the Rabbit is fat, fat, fat
His big soft paws go pat, pat, pat
His big soft ears go flop, flop, flop
And when he runs away he goes
Hop hop hop!

Of course, I’d love it if you would share this video anyone who might find it fun and/or useful: https://youtu.be/pJFtCORyoFA


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Wishing you a wonderful week and if you celebrate Passover or Easter I wish you a meaningful and enjoyable holiday!

I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday!


Miss Nina

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