Hello, Friend! How are you? Recovering from a weekend (or month!) of Halloween festivities? Can you handle a little more fun?! I’ve got a fun, silly song with motions for you today.

With Halloween behind us, my thoughts turn to all things November!

So, of course, in America we have Thanksgiving at the end of the month and  many of us use themes based around that holiday. When I worked with toddlers, often I’d keep it very simple and we’d just focus on different kinds of birds all month long, leading up to Turkeys!

Over the years, through my music classes, I’ve had many different focuses: Farm to Table, Gratitude, Togetherness, Families, Friendship…. all have been wonderful and fun. This year, I started thinking about the big gatherings we have for almost all holidays, and getting together for big meals (like Thanksgiving), and I stumbled upon this hilarious, silly song with motions that I’d never heard before:


Do you know it? If not, please allow me to introduce you to your new favorite song (LOL!):


I never knew that a I could have so much fun acting like utensils. 😂  (And this fits right in with my idea of focusing in on aspects of Getting Together for a big holiday meal! )



  • UTENSIL IDENTIFICATION:  Now, I know this seems silly and basic, but yes, learning the names of utensils and identifying them is an important skill. For our littlest ones, learning those words/names, saying them and identifying the tools is a big step toward self-sufficiency.  Whether they are still learning to feed themselves, or learning how to help set the table (and eventually help with cooking).
  • UPPER BODY GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT:  With this song, we use our arms – putting them up over our head and down near our shoulders, repeatedly. This is great for muscle development of the shoulders, upper arms and forearms. And those muscles need to be developed in preparation for writing. So believe it or not, this silly song helps get your little ones ready to write.
  • COORDINATION & RHYTHM:  Something about this one is similar to learning how to pat your head and rub your tummy. I mean, it’s not as hard as THAT, but it can be a little challenging. And it will be fun to see how doing it slow is easier than doing it fast, and seeing if they can get better and better at the faster part as they practice it.
  • A FUN BRAIN BREAK!:  This one really is just a great way to take a break, move our bodies and get out of our heads after a long work cycle. Or, just to do for fun anytime!

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