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And now….


SING ABOUT MARTIN by Jackie Silberg

I know MLK day was yesterday, but most likely you are talking about, reading about, teaching and singing about this important leader for more than one day. Whether to go along with your MLK Day unit, to use during Black History month or simply any time – you’re going to love this song SING ABOUT MARTIN!

It’s super joyful, has the feeling of a spiritual and is a light, uplifting song. It’s not one that tells the story of MLK with the lyrics, but more conveys the feeling of peace and love for all. 

It’s a whole lot of fun because we can join in in several ways, sing along (words on the screen), sign along (I teach the simple signs to this song, and/or call & response!


  • AN INTRODUCTION TO MARTIN LUTHER KING JR..The lyrics are simple: Sing about Martin, Sing about caring, Sing about Peace, All around the world. This is a simple and joyful introduction to the man, connecting his name with the words and ideas of Love and Peace.  
  • BASIC SIGN LANGUAGE: We’ll learn the signs for “SING”, “MARTIN”, “CARING”, “LOVING”, “PEACE” and “AROUND THE WORLD”. This gives the little ones a way to be physically involved wit the song, keeping their attention! Also, learning sign language and how it can be used to communicate is helpful for little ones who struggle with speech. It gives them a way to communicate and can alleviate frustration and tantrums. So, this song could be a helpful introduction to a little one who is struggling.
  • READING & REPEAT-AFTER-ME SKILLS: The lyrics are in the video, and the repetition of the lyrics with the words visually displayed will get children familiar with these important words! Also this is can be done as a Call & Response song, so children will have to use their listening skills, be patient and work on rhythm and timing when singing their part. 

View video below and here’s a link to share –>




More info to come, but I’m making a plan for some Facebook Live fun in February. Keep checking these emails for updates!! 

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