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So I intended to have a new video of Woody Guthrie’s song and book This Land Is Your Land today, but when I went to edit I learned that all the footage I shot had this weird autofocus issue, and it was completely unusable. !!

So,when life hands you lemons, make….a video compilation!  LOL! I got right to work and put together this 16+ minutes video compilation of Preschool Animal Action Songs & Fingerplays.

Part of my mission is to create screen time parents and teachers can feel GOOD about. All of the songs, fingerplays and activities in the video are led by me – not animated – and are about getting kids moving – from finger plays that help develop  fine motor skills – to full body dancing and jumping songs for gross motor development, fitness and help us get our wiggles out. Here’s the video and the full song list is below it…

1.  5 Green and Speckled Frogs
2.  Sleeping Bunnies
3.  5 Little Ducks
4.  Animal Parade
5.  10 Little Horses
6.  Jazz MacDonald with GRAMMY Award Winner Lucy Kalantari & Darius

So, although the videos themselves are not about Independence Day, America or anything of that nature, hopefully this compilation will help you during your road trip, while celebrating at home or just in helping YOU have a little independence for 16+ minutes while I engage your child/ren!

I hope you enjoy it! And feel free to share this video and/or blog post with anyone you think might find it useful. Here’s the direct video link to share if you’d like: https://youtu.be/MX-JU8U-B5w.

Stay safe and healthy and I’ll see you again with a new video next Tuesday!


Miss NIna


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