Hello Friends!


One thing you might not know about me is I LOVE the water!


Piper and I have been to the pool four times in the last week and I fully go in – hair wet and everything. I’m not a particularly great swimmer or anything, I just love love love the water.


The pool we go to out here in MN is actually a chlorinated pond with a sand bottom. It’s AMAZING! It might be my favorite place out here. It’s like being at a lake, but with clean water and depth markers all around.


I imagine you’re enjoying some swimming wherever you are as well, so I figured it’s a great time for a swimming song!


This song with motions is really fun – as we repeat it, we take away one line at a time and hum the tune while still doing the motions. It’s a bit of a memory game that way – and we also get faster and faster! So join Piper and me in:


Swimming, Swimming





  • AUDIATION: So, this is not the exact correct way to use this term, but this song is a way to develop the ability to audiate – which basically means to think musically – to hear music in your head even if you’re not singing it.  And although we ARE humming the tune as we take away a line at a time, we are not singing it. We have to drop the words, but remember the tune and the motions that go with it. It’s definitely a skill of the mind to do all of that that helps with memory and thinking ahead.

  • UPPER BODY MOVEMENT & DEVELOPMENT: Much like in the Bubble Bubble POP video, in this video we use and move our fingers, hands, wrists and both arms as we move along to the song. All of these movements help develop out upper body and hand muscles to support little ones overall muscle development, but especially aids in the development of muscles that help us hold and use forks, spoons, crayons, pens and pencils!

  • SWIMMING:  Okay, I know this is obvious – but we learn a little bit about swimming in the swimming pool with this song! Especially a few different ways to swim and enjoy the pool: “breaststroke, side stroke, fancy diving too!”, making this a great support for your summer classroom themes or summer family activities.


And of course, I’d love it if you would share this video anyone who might find it fun and/or useful: https://youtu.be/l27VCvKnA14


I had such a great time last week getting out and performing IN PERSON here at the Gardner School in Edina, MN and at the Park Falls Library in WI! Here’s some photos that captures the fun! If you want Miss Nina to come perform where you are – reach out! Email me at: nina@mymissnina.com


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

More fun stuff to come this summer – so keep an eye on your email!

I’ll see you in your inbox next Tuesday.


Miss Nina

PS: If you want another song that helps with audiation, check out There Was A Crocodile: https://mymissnina.com/there-was-a-crocodile-animal-action-song/


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