I’m running a little behind schedule today again 🤦‍♀️ – but I have a really good reason! (And a really great video for the Coat Flip trick for you, too!)



We had an INCREDIBLE WEEKEND here. Piper had her first experience being in a show, my mom and my in-laws came in town to see her, AND it was my Birthday on Sunday & my husband took me to Paisley Park! (that’s Prince’s Museum here in MN.)




I was so happily tired from the weekend, I’d thought I wasn’t going to be able to get a video done for you all today, and then…… we woke up to snow on Monday. A LOT of it. It made driving treacherous & so I cancelled everything I’d had planned for the day – giving me plenty of time to get a new video made for you!



With all the snow, and all of us bundling up, it got me remembering how getting the little ones ready to go outside can take forever. And that it might, therefore, help to learn the “Coat Flip Trick” right about now!




The coat flip (also known as The Jacket Flip or Flip-Flop Over-The-Top) is a great trick to learn that helps toddlers truly learn to put their coats on BY THEMSELVES! It helps build independence, self-esteem and helps YOU, grown-ups, from having to run around and put everyone’s coat on for them!



I’ve got to give some special shout-outs today. You may have seen on my Facebook Page or Instagram feed today my desperate call for video footage of kids doing this. I was editing and realized I had no footage to show y’all HOW to do this, and that was desperately needed. So a HUGE THANK YOU to my nephew Everett (and my sis-in-law Sheena), my student Annabelle (and her mom, Emily) and my very sweet husband, Mr. Tucker Stone (aka Mister Nina). They all jumped in, shot video and got it to me just this morning so I could edit it in last minute!! (And aren’t they all soooo adorable?!)


Here’s the link to view & share: https://youtu.be/NTHQ2P-8OvM


Enjoy The Coat Flip Song video & feel free to share with anyone else who might find it useful.



Miss Nina


PS: If you like these sorts of videos that help with classroom management, toddler and preschool learning,etc., then you’ll definitely want to check out Miss Nina’s Pink Guitar Club! Info HERE:  https://members.mymissnina.com

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