WINTER IS HERE – in so many ways!


I don’t even know exactly what to say to start of this week’s post.  I don’t want to ignore how overwhelmed we are right now – between Covid and the extreme weather (at least here) – it’s a lot. But I don’t want to add to anyone’s emotional load!


So, hopefully today’s post and video will offer you and the children in your life some help, some learning and some fun!


In January, in my own classes, I focus on Winter. We explore songs, activities and books with winter themes and the concepts that go along with them.


So, today I have re-made a video for one of my favorite books to focus on this time of year: The Mitten by Jan Brett.


I use Jan Brett’s book and illustrations in the video, but I adapated the words into my own song. (The book is an adaptation of a Ukrainian Folktale, so my
song is an adaptation of an adaptation!)
Even though my words are different than Ms. Brett’s, singing along and looking at the pictures still works on literacy and pre-reading skills such as understanding that we read left to right – even when looking at pictures) – and that pictures are symbols for the words.


And if you’re looking for activities and other Winter themed activities to do along with this – I’ll list a bunch below the video. (As well as link to my online class that you are welcome to drop-in to on Wednesday!)


Here is: The Mitten Song


  • CREATIVE DRAMA:  Grab a blanket and act out the animal part of Mitten! Either with a class of children or with a small blanket and stuffed animals. One by one have the children dramatize each animal – how it walks/moves and maybe what it would say if it could talk and have each one crawl into the “mitten” (your blanket.) When it’s time for the big sneeze: tell everyone to move in  slow-motion and do a big dramatic jump up into the air and crazily roll away!
  • PAPER PLATE ICE SKATES:   Everyone get two paper plates – one for each foot – and stand on them. Put on My Freeze Dance  – or a favorite fun song of yours –  and pretend to skate around the room. It’s SO much fun to “ice skate” indoors!
  • COTTON BALL SNOW BALLS:  If you’ve got extra cotton balls at home, grab them for a “snowball” fight. But on some crazy music and have fun throwing cotton balls around the room. When the song is over, grab song tongs and a bowl or cup and put on some calm music – have the kids use tongs to pick up the cotton balls and  put them in the cup or bowl. Gross motor and fine motor skill fun all in one!
  • MAKE SNOW: There are a variety of ways to do it but here’s one I found: Make Fake Snow.  Perfect for your sensory bin/table! Make this and have fun INSIDE playing in the snow!
  • WINTER SONG VIDEO PLAYLIST: For some more Winter songs to sing & move along to, check out my Winter Song Playlist.
If you like this The Mitten video, I’d love it if you’d share it! Here’s the link –>
**And like I mentioned – join us online for music and movement class! Drop-In or join for the rest of the Winter Session:


$20/screen to drop-in. Or get the prorate to join us for the rest of the Winter Session (now to Feb. 2)
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Enjoy day’s video and activities! Let me know what’s your favorite – and PLEASE tag me on social media if you share your kiddos enjoying any of this – I’d love to see it! (Instagram: @missninastone    Facebook: Miss Nina )
I’ll see you next Tuesday!
Miss Nina

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