Hi Nina! OMG – after 12 years I finally made a MUSIC VIDEO for this song:


Back in the Fall 2007 I took a job at a preschool which clearly changed the trajectory of my Life! I was in charge of my own classroom and taught a 2-hour, grown-up-and-me preschool readiness class in a private preschool in Manhattan, and this is where my relationship with the song “Three Little Fishies” began. 

I had my own room, and when I started the only thing I really knew about the year ahead is that we were “The Goldfish Room” – and from there, under the guidance of an awesome Asst. Director, I developed the program.

SO – knowing we were the Goldfish, I looked for a fish song that we could sing daily at circle time and remembered there was a song about fish that had  “boop boop dittem dattum wattem CHOO!” in it. And so began my daily use of “The Fishy Song”.

Since then, our adaptations of clapping our hands and jumping on the silly words and making fishy faces has become a part of countless Miss Nina classes, birthday parties, concerts and performances and is ALWAYS fun!

Way back in 2009 I recorded it on my first album “Singing & Dancing Together” which you can find on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc…  So, truly at long last, here is an OFFICIAL MISS NINA MUSIC VIDEO for what we nicknamed “The Fishy Song” –  aka THE THREE LITTLE FISHIES:


Here’s the link to share: https://youtu.be/g2E6VHkbV4c

Want more fun with Miss Nina? Well……


I’m hosting a little one-off music and movement class on Wednesday July 21st at 10 am Central Time (11 am EDT / 9 am MDT / 8 am PDT).

It’s just $15 for 45 minutes of music and movement with me, live on Zoom! Open to everyone!


And that’s it for today! Enjoy the video and all the summer fun! Hope to see you online next week!


Miss Nina

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