TOOTY TA! A silly movement song for kids – and just what the doctor ordered. : ) =

I am a bag of mixed feelings as this month starts. Its Women’s History month, and March starts off with Dr. Seuss’s Birthday – many schools and libraries focus on Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, books and READING all throughout the month. It also happens to be Piper’s Birthday on Saturday! There’s A LOT to celebrate!

But also, for many of us March marks a full year (in the USA) since the Coronavirus completely changed our day-to-day lives. Things are looking up, there’s vaccines and lowered cases and light at the end of the tunnel! And yet, it’s still been  A LOT and I find myself feeling very, well, HEAVY. 

So, to help myself – and hopefully you, too! – I’ve decided to focus on SILLY SONGS! We’re all in need of some levity and silly songs help us to lighten our spirits, our moods, connect with our kiddos and take a Brain Break! So…this week’s video a very silly movement song called:


It doesn’t get much sillier than this one! 

You may already know it from other YouTube children’s music videos, or you may know it by a different name – you can be sure, though, the kids in your life WILL LOVE IT! Silly movements that include sticking your tongue out and having our “bottoms up”? AND watching a grown-up move like that? This one is a total WIN! (and you’ll good laugh when you see me doing it, too! LOL! )


  • DIRECTION FOLLOWING:  Children get to practice following the diretions, my listening, repeating and then doing the actions. And the pay-off of total silliness is a BIG PLUS! 
  • GROSS MOTOR MOVEMENT:  We stand up and use the large muscles of our body for this one (as ell as our facial muscles!) which is not only great exercise, but makes for a wonderful “Brain Break” after sitting and focusing for long periods of time. 
  • LEVITY AND BONDING: Lightening spirits while being silly together goes far beyond the positive benefits of the moment. The sorts of activities together build relationships while having a shared experience of fun and silliness. And songs like this can lift our moods and shift our energy (and the energy of our homes or classes )  in a way that can almost feel like waving a magic wand!


Click above to view the video and here’s a link to share –>

And if you want to stay of off YouTube, the video will be up on my blog a little later today:


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Ok friends!! I think that’s all my news for you. Stay warm, stay safe and have fun! See you in your inbox next Tuesday! 

Have a great week!


Miss Nina

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