Brrrrrr! It’s cold EVERYWHERE right now, it seems!

Whether you are one who likes to celebrate get out in it, or snuggle up inside and stay away – I’ve  Seven Winter Preschool Songs for you to help celebrate the season, while staying warm inside! (The best of both worlds?)

Below I’ve got SEVEN winter preschool song videos for your little ones to move and sing along to about winter cold, snow, snowmen, ways to stay warm – and more! In this post you’ll find:

❄️ The Mitten Song by Miss Nina (based on the book by Jan Brett)
❄️ I’m A Little Snowman
❄️ Chubby Little Snowman
❄️ Five Little Snowmen
❄️ Hot Chocolate Song (by Stephanie Leavell)
❄️ The Snow-key Pokey
❄️ Peter Penguin

Let’s get started!



1. The Mitten Song by Miss Nina (based on the book by Jan Brett)



2. I’m A Little Snowman



3. Chubby Little Snowman



4. Five Little Snowmen


5.. Hot Chocolate (by Stephanie Leavell)



6. The Snow-key Pokey



7. Peter Peter Penguin



And there you have it! SEVEN Winter Preschool Songs for toddlers and preschoolers to move and sing along to!

Hope you enjoy them – and look out for a new MITTENS song on it’s way soon….


Miss Nina



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